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    Growing Garlic – How to Grow Garlic?

    how long does it take garlic to grow

    When considering to grow your own garlic, your goal would be to have a good crop of it. Factors to consider are using a well prepared good soil, planting in the right place, the right depth, the right time, watering and weeding. Location to Grow Garlic Garlic is a sun hungry plant. Consider very well where you would grow your garlic. Always choose a spot where it will be hit by the sun all day long. You can consider partial sun, like half a day, but it will not yield as large as the one in full sun. Seed and…

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    How to start a new garden?

    Are you thinking of setting up a garden? Maybe thought about hiring a landscaper to do the job for you?  That’s a good step on your part, because there are so many benefits that you can get out of it.  But…

  • how to grow basil
    Garden Secrets

    How to grow basil?

    More than any other kind of plant, herbs are probably the best choice for your garden. Herbs are plants that can be used for food preparation and for folk medicine. There are even plants that can be used for both…

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    Declutter in 5 Easy Steps

    Moving offers one great reward: For at least one week after unpacking, you know where everything is. You’ve trimmed the excess and placed everything by type in one accessible, logical place. You can see at a glance that you have 40…

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    How to Clean Rust at Home?

    Rust is one of the most persistent and potentially damaging household stains, and removing rust can be surprisingly challenging or, if you follow any of the nontoxic and inexpensive suggestions in this article, surprisingly easy. How to Use Pumice Stone…

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    How to clean leather wallets?

    If maintained well, a leather wallet can be with you all your life. Strong, resilient, as well as most of all, excellent looking, this classic accessory is needed each time you go out.  The only point is how to clean…

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    How to clean mold out of the fridge?

    The refrigerator is the main household appliance for every person. And it needs proper care. Sometimes, due to many factors, black mold on the refrigerator seal appears or inside, which not only creates an unpleasant smell and untidy appearance but…

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    Dry cleaning vs laundry

    Dry cleaning and Laundry are everyday words that are known to everyone. But how many of us really know the difference between laundry and dry cleaning? Difference between Laundry and Dry Cleaning Dry cleaning and laundry are aimed at removing…

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    Things that matter in life!

    Many believe that money is the basis of the entire world, the existence, and the development of mankind. Most people make a cult out of them, live their entire lives in pursuit of imaginary happiness, believing that an extra thousand…