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Good personal hygiene can help to develop positive self-esteem

Sometimes it is not so easy to achieve success in life. Stress and conflict create uncertainty that prevents people from developing and growing. To become more successful, you need to start with yourself. Self-confidence is a significant component of every person. It is easier for self-confident people to achieve their goals, express their opinions, and start their own business.

Good personal hygiene can help to develop positive self-esteem. Personal hygiene is a necessity. Because of the daily routine, we sometimes forget to do basic things, or just ignore them. Proper personal hygiene is first and foremost taking care of yourself. Personal hygiene is an important part of being a responsible person. And personal hygiene only has a positive effect on the health of a person, as well as those around them. Personal hygiene is important to others because it is the way how they will look at you. 

It is very important to train yourself to observe hygiene and adhere to it daily. In this article, you will answer questions and understand whether you observe personal hygiene correctly. And you will learn a few tips on how to better comply with it.

Hygiene activities

How often do you shower?

The importance of personal cleanliness cannot be overestimated. Dermatologists usually agree with the fact that it depends on your level of activity. However, if you have dry skin or eczema, you should take a hot bath no more than once a day.

When do you prefer to take a shower?

After taking a shower in the morning, you will feel refreshed throughout the day, and a night shower will help you fall asleep faster. But in any case, you will Wake up “dirtier” than you went to bed. Dermatologist Gary Goldenberg said in an interview for the New York Times that ” People tend to sweat at night. When you Wake up in the morning, all this sweat and bacteria from the sheets just sits on your skin.” Take a contrast shower as well, as it helps to improve blood circulation in the body. So, try to take a shower in the morning, it will be much more useful if in the evening.

Do you wash your head first, or your body?

Of course, this is a matter of personal preference. However, it will be better if you start taking a shower in this order: first, wash your head, then apply conditioner, then your body. While you wash your body, the conditioner will be able to absorb well into your hair.

Do you use a sponge?

If you use a sponge to wash, try to replace it every two months. Also, wash it in hot water several times before and after use.

Do you wash your hands… After every visit to the restroom?

If you are too lazy to wash your hands, then remember that washing your hands protects you from microbes such as Salmonella, E. coli, and norovirus. As they say: “hand Washing is a victory for everyone except microbes At work, after work, try to wash your hands as often as possible. And don’t forget before eating.

Do you take your phone to the bathroom?

Many of you take the phone to the restroom, which is not good. Here’s an interesting fact: your favorite mobile device that you put next to your face (or even bring to bed) is probably dirtier than the toilet seat. Carolyn Forte, Director of the Good Housekeeping Institute’s cleaning lab, advises wiping your phone with antibacterial wipes every few days to get rid of germs.

D0 you know about dental hygiene benefits? 

How often do you brush your teeth? The American Dental Association states that teeth should be cleaned twice a day, in the morning and the evening. This will help prevent the appearance of caries, and the destruction of teeth, and also advises the use of dental floss.

How often do you change your bath towel?

It will be better if you start changing your bath towels after every third use. Therefore, it is better for you if you have two or three pairs of them. Hand towels need to be changed every day.

By answering these questions, I hope you have benefited. And hygiene habits can be instilled, the main thing is to observe them daily. It is important to remember that your health depends only on you! Personal hygiene is an important part of being a responsible person. Here are also some additional daily hygiene activities you should remember. 

4 Secrets of Building Self-Esteem 

· Choose the right outfit

Clothing and appearance say a lot about a person. To feel more confident, do not forget about personal hygiene and wear clean, neat clothes. If you are happy with your appearance, it will be easier for you to contact people and Express your point of view. A simple rule will help you look stylish: buy quality clothes that will last you much longer. Fewer clothes in your wardrobe will not clutter the space, and you will always look neat.

· Change your gait

A self-confident person is always distinguished by his gait. Energy and determination are transmitted to the whole body, so the step of such people is rapid. They have a place to go, they are confident in their actions. If you are unable to walk quickly and add to the gait of vividness. This will help you get together and feel much more confident and purposeful.

· Watch your posture

Lack of self-confidence is visible in the lowered shoulders, lowered head, and sluggish movements. Start watching how you keep your back, start training at home. A straight back and a confident head position will help you gain self-confidence. Also, you will be able to make a good impression on employers, colleagues, and people around you.

· Do not neglect sports

Physical shape affects self-confidence as well as appearance. Paying attention to sports, you become more resilient, maintain your figure in order and constantly feel a surge of strength. Training also develops willpower and improves your mood, so constant practice will help you gain self-confidence.

Get yourself a daily planner, where you mark the necessary things, thank yourself and the people around you.

Remember good personal hygiene can help to develop positive self-esteem. 

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