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House cleaning schedule for working moms

It is very difficult for all mothers, especially working ones, to combine home care, child care, and professional activities. Keeping house clean working full time can be challenging.

 Therefore, we would like to share some life hacks and house cleaning schedule for working moms.  

House cleaning schedule for working moms

 Download house cleaning schedule for working moms in pdf

10 secrets for keeping house clean working full time. 

Secret №1

Choose one day a week to do a big cleaning. A lot of families, usually clean the house on a Sunday afternoon. It is good if you make it a family activity. And motivate family members. For example, “If we are done with cleaning by lunch, we will go to the cinema all together in the evening”. 

If you can’t find a day, try to keep things in order during the week. Keeping house clean working full will be easier to clean if you have fewer things. But believe me, you just need to get rid of most things, and feel easier and happier. 

Secret №2

Follow the six Golden rules of housekeeping. If you follow these rules, it will make your life easier. Teach them to your family members. Here they are: 

  • “Everything has its place.”
  • “A clean house is easier to clean than a dirty one.”
  • “Children need things that are appropriate for their age.”
  • “Plan, plan, plan, and make a list!»
  • “Create a mode and stick to it.”
  • “Don’t delay. Do it as soon as possible

Secret №3

Wash laundry every day, do not collect laundry for a whole week. You can create a rule that older children do their Laundry. If they don’t have clean clothes, it’s their fault. If you still have small children, as they grow, teach them how to fold dirty clothes and make sure they do everything correctly. When they are older, teach them to fold their clothes and look for pairs of socks (a good activity). This is a useful life skill. If your husband doesn’t mind, washing is something he can also help with. Maybe he can load the washing machine for you in the morning or the evening when he is at home. 

Secret №4

Define your priorities. Keeping house clean working full is difficult. Think about the top five things you need to do every day. If you can accommodate the rest, fine. If you don’t have time, don’t blame yourself. 

Secret №5

Go to bed with a clean kitchen. It is important. There’s nothing worse than waking up in a dirty kitchen. It makes you feel overwhelmed before you even start the day. Use the freezer as often as possible. Just when you get home, throw the pre-prepared dish into the pan and enjoy it. 

Secret №6

Create morning rituals and follow their implementation. They are extremely important for a busy wife and mother to find some time for yourself in a daily cleaning schedule for working moms. Except for cleaning rituals above, make sure you find time for yourself to be pretty and have breakfast. 

Secret №7

Create an evening ritual as well. In your house, every day of the week is different. This means that days and evenings are not the same days after day, but rather week after week. Figure out what your weekly schedule looks like, and then create evening routines for each day of the week. Like on Monday – vacuum living area, on Tuesday clean bathroom, etc. Create a weekly house cleaning schedule for working moms. 

Secret №8

Every night before going to bed, prepare everything you need for the next day. It shouldn’t take very long, but it can make your morning feel kinder. Decide what you wear the next day and layout your clothes. Make dinner in the evening and store it in the refrigerator. Ask the children to pack their backpacks and place them at the door. Do something else that will save you time in the morning before you go to bed. 

Secret №9

One night a week, make it completely family-friendly. Dinner should be quick, not require a lot of time to prepare. Watch a movie together, a Board game, or other activity that is fun and interesting to do together. 

That’s what’s important to remember. Every day you need your own time to breathe, relax and enjoy your family. Ultimately, the people you live with are much more important than the space you live in or the money you earn. 

Do your best and let go of everything else. You only live one life. Children will not always be small, enjoy them! Your husband also needs your time and attention. If you are exhausted – you probably need more sleep and more time to rest. 

Secret №10

Use a daily planner or printable cleaning schedule for working moms. Keep track of what you need to do. It helps from day to day to see everything that has been done and what is not. It also good to plan a weekly meal plan, otherwise, it takes a lot of time to come up with ideas and cook. 

Do the most important things first. And if you do not have time to do everything – everything is fine! The world will not collapse. 

Whether you work full-time in an office, work at home, or stay at home, we all end up wanting the same thing – to have happy homes where all our family members can learn, laugh, and grow together.


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