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How long does it take to clean a house?

Size of house Approx. time for cleaning in hrs. Comments
1 Bedroom (1 bathroom) 1,5 by 1 person If it’s been kept up with during a week
2,5 – 3 by 1 person If the space was not maintained during a week
2 Bedroom (1 bathroom) 2,5 by 1 person If it’s been kept up with during a week
3,5 – 4 by 1 person If the space was not maintained during a week
3 Bedroom (2 bathrooms) 4,5 – 5 by 1 person Better to call for some help! 🙂
4 Bedroom (3 bathrooms) 5 – 7 by 1 person House cleaner needed!

How to speed up the cleaning of the apartment?

Cleaning is difficult to call pleasant and interesting leisure, and if it is impossible to delegate authority, it is better to remember a few simple rules that will make life much easier.
Here are some quick cleaning tips for you.

Keep it clean all the time!

Most of the time we usually spend on cleaning the kitchen and bathroom-those areas that are used actively. To reduce the time spent on these spaces, I advise you to keep them clean all the time. Wiping burnt fat from the oven, stove or microwave once a month is much more difficult than putting them in order immediately after cooking. This also applies to other things. If you immediately put everything in its place, without throwing clothes around the house, and wash the dishes immediately after eating, and not accumulate, the cleaning time will be significantly reduced. Then it will be easy to answer the question of how to clean the house in one hour.

Get rid of useless souvenirs!

Cluttered surfaces complicate and lengthen the cleaning process: an abundance of figurines, small items, unused dishes, and various dust collectors. It is better to get rid of everything that is not too important to you. Otherwise, instead of doing something more enjoyable, you will have to spend hours dusting useless souvenirs. The time spent once on giving it to someone, sell or get rid of unnecessary stuff will return with weekly cleaning.

From the top to the bottom!

Clean each room from top to bottom. Start with the upper shelves and gradually move on to cleaning tables, upholstered furniture, and only after that — last of all-start to wash the floor. And try not to miss anything, so that you do not have to go back to the already cleaned areas. Putting the bathroom and toilet rooms in order is the final stage: as a rule, in the process, you will not just type and pour water, wash rags, which means that if you started with the bathroom, it will have to be washed again after cleaning, which is pointless.

Keep your tools clean!

Another point: the more often you change the water you clean with and rinse your rags during the cleaning process, the faster you will finish and the better the result will be. So it is better not to be lazy to go to the sink one more time — in the end, you will save time.

Call for a professional sofa cleaner!

Do not try to clean a sofa or couch from hard stains yourself, even if you are sure that you have bought a suitable product for your case. Most likely, you will only make the situation worse and waste time. It is better to entrust such tasks to professionals who are engaged in cleaning carpets and furniture.

Best cleaning products!

You will need two glass rags (they are convenient to wipe dry any surface, especially water taps), one rag made of microfiber for the kitchen and one of artificial suede (it will speed up the work because it absorbs moisture better than others). Do not use old rags for cleaning surfaces: they leave fibers that also need to be cleaned somehow.

As for household chemicals, one kitchen cleaner is enough for standard cleaning — use biomarkers that are safe for health — and one for cleaning the bathroom with a spray gun. When washing the floor, it is better to use special chemicals, adding them to a bucket of water, or (if you have a washing vacuum cleaner) shampoos. Save time by using cleaning products that don’t foam much. Washing off the foam usually takes no less time than washing itself.

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