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How to overcome a fear of speaking in public with apps?

You’ve never been incredible at public speaking. You’ve never at any point been extraordinary at giving and taking interviews. Simply talking to strangers makes you anxious.

Do you know why?

Since you get stirred up thinking about what the other individual will think of yourself, whether or not you are saying the correct thing– to put it plainly, every insecurity you can think of, goes through your head in that single instance. There’s most likely a mental term for that, yet you have to manage to work regardless of it.

Stay with us, and we will share a couple of new secrets of how to be better at public speaking, and not to be afraid of it. Of course, there are plenty of classes to overcome the fear of public speaking. But we live in the era of technologies, so we can have public speaking exercise with our gadgets.

Is there an app for that?

Yes, there is, a lot of them. And we will share with you some good public speaking apps.

Train with VIRTUAL SPEECH app


We are sure when you were a kid your mother offered you the guidance to stand before a mirror, look at yourself and talk a poem to train before the exam. Or you probably loved to dance in front of the mirror to practice for some school performance. Did it help to be better at what you trained for? We are sure it did.
You can stifle your anxiety by practicing your presentation and addresses before a virtual group. And, that’s actually what Virtual Speech is offering. All you need is VR gear and a cell phone. It invigorates a photo-realistic condition with crowd and sound distractions.

They additionally offer a few courses equipped towards helping you improve your correspondence and networking abilities through interactive VR situations. Interestingly, their course for Delivering Presentations is totally free and it is really helpful!

Stop using the filler words with LIKESO

It’s normal for individuals with public speaking anxiety to utilize filler words often – as a rule to the degree of degrading their painstakingly considered presentation and discourse. Overutilization of filler words, for example, ‘as’, ‘umm’, ‘so’, ‘you know’ become a distraction for the crowd with the additional disadvantage of making you appear as though you don’t have the foggiest idea about your stuff!

This is the place LikeSo comes in: it trains you to stop relying on filler words. The app records your presentation or discourse (while practicing) and then creates a report highlighting where you utilized your filler words and how many occasions. It even has a discussion game that trains you to abstain from using filler words in your everyday discussions.

You can have a teleprompter with PROMPTSMART PRO

Let’s be honest, it’s truly hard to retain the whole presentation or discourse, especially if it’s on a rather entangled subject, brimming with statistics and will in general run for in excess of a couple of moments. Instead of reading off your slides, you can peruse off your cell phone. PromptSmart Pro transforms your cell phone into an elevated monitor. Using restrictive voice acknowledgment innovation, it rolls the text forward as you talk it. It can recognize when you’ve gone off content, for answering public inquiries or to explain something further, and stops the guide from rolling onwards. Besides, it follows your pace and doesn’t rush you to finish.

Keep the pace with PRO METRONOME

If you are a quick talker, toss in a touch of anxiety and your words will in general run together. In everyday life, it’s not a lot of an issue, yet during presentations talking quick made it hard for the crowd to hang onto words and, in the end, the public lose their core interest. And, which is all well and good! Step by step, you can train yourself to talk normally, but it can take quite a long while. Had I thought about this specific app before, I would’ve trained myself decently fast.

Pro Metronome lets you keep a straightforward beat that you can time yourself. In any case, it can accomplish such a great deal more. Using their Polyrhythms highlight, you can train yourself to talk quick and delayed at the correct minutes. Fundamentally, it’s an app that takes into account musicians, yet it’s an incredible tool for individuals trying to ace their discourse also.

Manage your time with SPEECH TIMER FOR SPEAKERS

Timing yourself is key in presentations. You can’t let your presentation run after some time since it’ll infringe on other speakers’ time and you can’t let it run under either, otherwise, you’ll be left with an all-encompassing Q&A at your hands. Such a public speaking app helps you keep track. With it’s LED-style, full-screen display it checks down the time on your cell phone to assist you with timing yourself. This presentation timer app is what you need!

Public Speaking can be a daunting assignment, however (un)fortunately there will inevitably come a period in your profession where you’ll either need to address a room loaded with your associates or give a point by point presentation about your undertakings to industry pioneers. Regardless of your fears and anxieties, you should convey. However, with the guide of these apps, you can ensure you put your best foot forward.

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