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How to remove wrinkles from leather jacket? 

For many years, leather jackets have not lost their relevance and remain popular among the population. They are worn by everyone: men and women, the elderly and young people. Such clothes can be worn for several seasons and look stylish.

However, long-term use of leather products is only possible if it is properly and timely care. Often, during storage, it can become a wrinkled leather jacket. Therefore, by the beginning of the season, many people have a question of how to get wrinkles out of leather jacket. Let’s look at the most common mistakes and the most effective methods of how to remove wrinkles from leather jacket. 

DO’nts of how to get rid of creases

In order, not to waste time it is worth knowing what methods do not need to be taken in the fight against the wrinkled leather jacket. 

  • Get wrinkles out of the leather jacket with hot air. Hot and dry air will make the leather product rough and tough. This method not only will not be able to get rid of wrinkles, but it can also serve as the formation of new defects on the product.
  • How to unwrinkle leather jacket with hot water. Water that has a high temperature will have a detrimental effect on leather outerwear. The product will lose its original shape and color.
  • Do leather jacket stretch? Do not try to use this method. It will not help to get rid of wrinkles out of leather jacket. Moreover, the appearance of the leather jacket will be ruined completely.

There are several effective ways to help smooth out a leather item at home after buying it yourself. 

How to remove wrinkles from leather? 

How to iron leather?

You can use an iron to smooth out leather jacket, but you need to do it correctly, otherwise, it can completely ruin the appearance of the product.

Also, this method can be used for clothing that is made of smooth material.

To iron a leather jacket at home, using an iron, you must perform the following steps:

  • The first step is to set the minimum heating temperature. The steaming function must be disabled;
  • Then place the product on the Ironing Board. It is recommended to iron the jacket from the wrong side, but if the lining does not allow this, it is allowed to iron the front side;
  • Iron clothes through wrapping paper or use a fabric that has a smooth texture;
  • Iron slowly, without pressing the iron on the material.
  • After the end of the procedure, you need to check the results of the work. If they satisfy you, then you need to wait until the smoothed section becomes cold, and then move on to the next one.

Can you steam leather jacket?

You can iron a leather jacket using steam from an iron. However, this procedure is radically different from dry smoothing clothes.

In this case, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Hang the product on a hanger so that you can easily reach it with a hot iron. You do not need to cover the material.
  • Next, select the steam generation mode and wait until the iron is heated to the desired temperature.
  • Then walk through the crumpled areas of the leather jacket. Make sure that the iron does not come into contact with the material, otherwise the item will be damaged.
  • For safe operation, do not bring the iron closer than 0.15 meters to your clothing.

Also, you can use a steamer. This method will take a little time and will not require much effort. To properly straighten the leather product, using a steamer, you need to:

  • Hang a wrinkled jacket on a hanger with wide shoulders;
  • The procedure should start with the sleeves and collar. Steam treatment should be performed from a distance;
  • Do not hold the steamer for a long time in one area, this may cause deformation of the material;
  • Do not process large creases for more than a few seconds;
  • After the procedure is complete, allow the product to dry for 2-3 hours.

Important! Do not touch the leather jacket with your hands during steam treatment, otherwise, it will leave finger marks.

Steam leather jacket in the bathroom 

This method will return the jacket to its normal state in just one hour. This can be done using ordinary steam.To smooth out the wrinkles out of the leather jacket, you will need to perform the following steps in sequence:

  • Take a hot bath;
  • Hang the product on hangers so that it does not come into contact with water. Otherwise, it will spoil the material;
  • Leave the outer clothing in this position for one hour. At this time, the bathroom should be closed.
  • After an hour, remove the jacket from the bath and wait for it to cool. It is forbidden to wear a jacket earlier, otherwise, it will lead to the deformation of clothing.

How to get wrinkles out of leather with cold water

Using this method of smoothing the leather jacket, you will need to prepare clean filtered water and a hanger.

  • The shoulders should match the size of the product or are slightly smaller. This way, they will not pull back the sleeves and deform the clothes.
  • Then you need to pour water into a container with a sprayer and spray it liberally on the surface of the jacket.
  • After that, the item should be left in this position for 10-12 hours in a room where there are no sudden changes in temperature and drafts – they will negatively affect the appearance of the product. 

When enough time has passed, all the folds will straighten themselves.

Dry-cleaning a leather jacket

If you are not sure of your abilities and do not know how to get wrinkles out without iron or simply afraid, then the best option is to contact specialists and take the product to the dry cleaners.  They are guaranteed to put it in order without damaging it. But still, this method has one significant drawback – the procedure can be expensive.

What else can you try removing wrinkles without iron?

Put a wrinkled leather jacket under a press

You can start using a press created from scrap materials. For example, you can use water bottles, heavy books, and other items that have a lot of weight as gravity.

This method can be used to smooth clothes made of artificial leather.

  • Place the product on a flat surface. This can be an Ironing Board or a table;
  • Straighten your outer clothing by smoothing it with your hands, but don’t stretch it too much;
  • Smooth the lining;
  • Put the “home press” on the material. At this time, make sure that no new creases or creases appear under heavy items;
  • Leave the jacket in this position for 8-12 hours. After this time, hang the item on a hanger for a few hours. After that, the jacket will not remain any dents or creases and you can continue to wear it.

Special products for a wrinkled leather jacket

Today, in the field of commodity services, there are many leather care products. They will help in the care and make it easy and easy.

To smooth leather products, use a special humidifier. It is available in the form of a spray, which is why its use is very convenient. The humidifier contains special softeners and special substances that protect the material from the formation of various defects.

Recommendations for your leather jacket 

If the above tools and methods have helped you return the jacket to its proper appearance, then you most likely will not want to bring the clothes to this state anymore.

To keep your item always attractive, use simple but effective care tips:

* Do not store leather clothing that may be wrinkled when folded. Especially in cases when the item is used in a certain season. The leather jacket made of leather material should be stored on hangers. You can only hang clothes on a hook for a short period. At home and work, you should have hangers on which you place your outer clothing.

* Clothing that is made of leatherette does not tolerate excessive humidity. Because of this, they become very soft and crumple extremely quickly. In such conditions, the item will lose its original shape in a short time, even if you hang it on hangers.

* Dry air can also damage the leather product. Clothes in over-dried conditions will not become crumpled and will not get creases, but will become rough and hard, which is why you will not be able to wear it further.

* Take care of the jacket using special tools. The price may be high, but this way you will extend the service life of the clothing at times. Care will maintain the perfect shape of things and will not allow various scuffs and folds to form.

* Remember that leather items cannot be washed either by hand or in a washing machine. This material has a non-uniform internal structure, so it may have defects in the most unexpected areas. If the jacket is heavily soiled that you can’t remove it yourself, please only contact a dry cleaner, where specialists are guaranteed to clean the clothing and not damage it.

• If you decide to iron the jacket with an iron, do it very carefully, otherwise, you will completely spoil the thing, and you will have to buy a new product since it will be impossible to return the old look to the old one.

* By following these recommendations, you can extend the service life at times. Your clothing will always look attractive and it will not appear creases and dents.


The leather jacket requires proper care. If you do not follow the rules and recommendations, or if you do not carry out timely care procedures, the product will quickly become unusable. If you are not sure that you can smooth the product yourself at home, contact the dry cleaner, where you are guaranteed to get a clean and smooth jacket with an attractive appearance. Leather is a material that needs to be treated with all seriousness, otherwise, it will quickly form scuffs, cracks, and you will not be able to wear this clothing and go out in it in the light.

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