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Things that matter in life!

Many believe that money is the basis of the entire world, the existence, and the development of mankind. Most people make a cult out of them, live their entire lives in pursuit of imaginary happiness, believing that an extra thousand dollars in the account will make them more attractive, harmonious and happy. When you achieve everything, you realize that money does not make you happy, and very often it is the opposite. We do not notice the most important thing, we miss the whole life, we miss very important moments.

We do not want to say that money is not needed, it is needed and even very much. With them, life is easier, more convenient, and more comfortable. But do not make them the goal of all existence, idealize, worship money, believing that the more of them, the fewer problems in your life will be.

So, today we will talk about those things that are much more important than money. You can say that these are the most important things in your life that should always be your priority and what matters in life.

What matters in life?

1. Relationship experience

Experience, in whatever form it appears, is a very important part of our life. There is even a proverb: “you can’t drink away Experience”, which clearly shows that whatever happens to you, the knowledge you get will always remain.
The experience of relationships is a sensory component of human existence. Don’t be afraid to make new acquaintances, confess your love, give gifts, and demand nothing in return. Try to spend time with your family, friends, and loved ones every day. Give them care and attention, your warmth and love. Do it sincerely and from the heart. Never exchange pure and bright feelings for money.

2. Wisdom

Never stop learning. Even if you earn well, you currently have a great job and a promising profession, then in a couple of years everything can change dramatically. You must constantly learn something new, develop your skills and knowledge, and move forward, reaching new heights of the financial world. Reading business books, you may notice that many authors often give the same advice-develop. You must understand that the world does not stand still, especially in our time, and the knowledge that you received yesterday, tomorrow may be outdated.
Therefore, never sacrifice the opportunity to learn and learn something new. Always make time for yourself to attend an interesting lecture or a seminar, read a new book, or watch several documentaries. These are things that matter in life.

3. Marriage

If you take a serious step, decide to become a part of another person’s life and completely let them into your own, then you need to understand that this will greatly change your habits and life in general. A good and successful marriage encourages development, makes you constantly set bigger goals, reach new heights, and continuously develop. This is what matters in life. But if you start sacrificing the integrity of your family for money and work, the money will likely be tight, and the family will fall apart.
Many successful businessmen note that only thanks to their wives, their family warmth and support, they were able to become who they are at the moment.

4. Friendship

It is better to build a friendship based on a common business, rather than Vice versa. I will not say exactly who this statement belongs to, but it very clearly characterizes reality. Try never to mix business relationships and friendship, because this often interferes with correct and objective decision-making.
True friendship, true and sincere, is a rarity in our greedy world. If you are confident in the person, consider him your friend, then you should not risk your relationship for some financial gain. An old friend is better than a new two-and this is true. These are things that matter in life.

5. Physical health

You can’t buy health for money. Yes, you can be treated in the best clinics, buy only super quality medicines, but this does not always help. It is better to protect your health from a young age so that you can relax on the beaches of the Dominican Republic, and not in clinics in Germany.
Many people believe that money is the most important thing, and when they start earning it, they completely forget about the gym, the pool, morning runs or regular exercises. Try several times a week to devote time to your physical and spiritual health, because this is something that money cannot buy. What matters in life is your health.

6. Psychological health

Health as a coin has two components-physical and psychological. The psychological state is also not a little important. Try not to worry about nothing, not to overexert yourself at work, not to fill yourself with unnecessary problems.
Many great people say that they work 10-14 hours a day and are only grateful for their success. But there is a downside to this. Perhaps you should save yourself, but earn not a hundred million, but a dozen? Believe, you can build a proper working day, have plenty of time for rest and development while earning very decent money.

7. Passion

In the pursuit of money, do not forget about passion. Remember those feelings that make You get started, immediately come to your senses and start working actively, to achieve your goal. This is the passion, the passion to develop, the passion to move forward, the passion to be the best. This is what matters in life.
If there is no passion, no incredible desire and a passion for success, then it will be extremely difficult to achieve anything.

8. Communication tools

Communication is the foundation of the modern world. With the Internet, communication has become incredibly fast, without any limits or restrictions.
Try to communicate, make new friends, acquaintances, find interesting interlocutors, because you do not know which of them and when they can be useful to You.

9. Faith in your strength

Money is a part of the material world, and today it is, and tomorrow it may not be. You must be able to live and develop regardless of how much money you currently have in your wallet. The ability to survive in any situation is something without which it will be extremely difficult. Try not to attach much importance to” paper wrappers”, not to make a cult out of earnings, not to become slaves of the financial system. When you realize that money is only a means to an end, not an end, then life will become much easier and simpler. This awareness and self-belief is a very important part of your life, the main element on the way to overall success.

10. Security

If we focus our efforts on creating security and creating a corner where we are protected from failure, we create a situation where our material values are much less tied to our ability to earn an extra penny. By laying the foundation for our security now, we will get real returns in the future.

11. Helping others

If you have ever sincerely helped others, then at this moment you felt real joy, peace of mind, peace of mind and gratitude. These are things that matter in life. These are unforgettable feelings, very bright and correct. We did not come into this world to satisfy only our own selfish needs, but also to help others to the best of our ability.
No amount of material goods can match the bright feeling when you sincerely help someone in need.

12. Gratitude

Gratitude is a very strong practice that can significantly change your life. We are constantly chasing something, we are constantly not happy with today and we dream that tomorrow everything will be completely different. We don’t like our work, our appearance, our financial situation, and many other things. But stop living in this way and start thanking life for what you have.
Thank your family and loved ones, for those who help you develop and achieve success, for all the opportunities that come during the day. Even for problems, you should be grateful, because this is a chance to look at the situation from a different angle, change it and avoid similar mistakes in the future.
If you learn to sincerely thank, then the pleasure of life will begin to beat the key. This feeling is unforgettable, and you will not buy it for money.

13. Hobby

Many people get into the swamp of life so tightly, plunging into the routine, that they do not notice the realities at all, do not see how life passes by them, and very quickly. In the eternal race for new things and emotions, we do not notice the realities, do not live but exist. Pull away from all this. Try to bring something new into your life, new things to do, new activities, new experiences, and emotions. How to do it? Find a business that will distract You, a kind of hobby. This business should bring genuine pleasure and joy. Very often, the most simple and ordinary things can give incredible feelings and emotions.

14. Spirituality

Spiritual development is much more important than money. Spirituality and spiritual development very often have nothing to do with religion. You just have to realize who you are, what you are here for, what your goal is, why everything is going the way it is. Do you want to be useful to society and the world, or did you come to this planet to earn money and be the richest dead man in the cemetery?
Read, be alone with yourself, think and reflect, and sometimes spend time in silence. Learn to meditate and clear your mind of unnecessary garbage. Pray and enjoy every minute that is given to you in this world. These are things that matter in life. Believe it, when you begin to develop spiritually, you will experience incredible feelings, incredible emotions, as well as calmness and pleasure from everything that happens. It is impossible to convey in words, but this state of mind is beautiful.

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